Monday, December 15, 2008

Fantasia Wedding Cake

Life has been a little hectic for us lately, hence, the slight lag in the blog. We've had one good thing after another happen in our lives, and in the middle of all of the craziness, a super FUN cake -- a Disney's Fantasia themed wedding cake for Kelly and Dominick, who were married on Saturday. For those of you not living on Oahu, this past weekend was a wet one. Rains were heavy, there were power outages, and flooding on parts of the island, and with all the water covering our island, as I look back on it now, I realize how fitting it was that we would do a cake covered in water for the wedding. Luckily, Kelly and Dominick had an indoor wedding and reception and kept themselves and their guests dry.

Kelly and Dominick are Disney fanatics, so of course had to have all their favorite Disney characters sharing in their special day with them. We'll feature a few of the details on the blog tomorrow, but in the meantime, a little about the couple's wedding. They combined their Favorite Place on Earth (Disneyland of course) with one of the happiest times of the year (Christmas of course). They are huge collectors of anything Disney and I was told by a friend of the couple that their home resembles the Disney Store. For their wedding cake, they wanted something wonky and fun, and Rick had the idea of the Fantasia cake, sketched it out for them, they fell in love with it, and the result is above. Everything on Rick's Fantasia cake is handcrafted. No toys were purchased, (or damaged) in the making of this cake. Every whimsical broom figure with water was made by hand, as was their custom Mickey Mouse as sorcerer topper. Very time consuming to make, but totally worth it! Obviously chocoholics, Kelly and Dominick went for our Hot Fudge Sundae flavor for the entire cake, and had us omit the raspberry preserves and substitute chocolate cream for the vanilla. They didn't want to taint the chocolate flavor with anything else *wink*. Rick opted to for buttercream rather than fondant for their sculpted wedding cake.

Tomorrow we'll show a few of the Disney details they chose for their wedding.

Until next time, Aloha!

See Rick's Fantasia cake on in the near future.

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