Friday, March 1, 2013

NEW! "Discover Your Inner Artist" Hibiscus Cake Class in Boston

Image by Rachel Robertson Photography

The hibiscus and bamboo cake was originally designed by Rick several years ago for a televised wedding show. It was then featured in the premiere issue of "Get Married" Magazine and on a number of internet websites. The hibiscus cake has generated a crazy amount of interest and decorators all over the world have contacted us to ask how Rick makes it and where they can purchase the hibiscus cutter. I mention that Rick did the pattern completely free hand without a cutter and their response is often disappointment because they don't feel comfortable working without one.

The hibiscus cake, originally made in sunset colors, has resonated with so many people, and at the same time left them bewildered how the design is made. Rick decided for his first "Discover Your Inner Artist" class in 2011 that he would teach people how to make his hibiscus cake. The class was a huge success! Rick has taught his hibiscus cake class, originally paired with a clownfish cake, to well over 100 students in 4 different countries, and only once in the United States.

As his last classes of 2013 before our book is released, Rick will be teaching a pair of 2-day classes in Boston at The Cake World, a cake school dedicated to bringing world class instructors to share their craft. Rick is honored to come teach at The Cake World and is looking forward to his newest class, the hibiscus cake!

This is the first time Rick's hibiscus class has been taught as a 2 day class, and spots are very limited! Registration for the class is being handled by The Cake World:

Register here

Rick is also be teaching a 2-day "Discover Your Inner Artist 3" painted Peacock cake class while he is in Boston. Students who have already taken the hibiscus cake class will find it easy to jump right in, applying the art techniques previously learned. The Peacock cake class focuses on handpainting and freehand detail work at a more advanced level than the hibiscus cake, but taking the hibiscus cake class first is not a prerequisite.

2-day "Discover Your Inner Artist 3" Peacock cake class at The Cake World

Here is more great news! In conjunction with the announcement of the Hibiscus cake class, The Cake World is offering a special discounted price of $610 for the Peacock class or the Hibiscus cake class. I don't know how long the promotion will run, but based on previous pricing for Rick's classes, this is an excellent opportunity for people interested in learning from him.

To register for the Peacock cake class and the Hibiscus cake class, please visit The Cake World.

We are excited to be coming to Boston in July shortly before our book is released! Working with The Cake World has been awesome and they go out of their way to take care of their students. We hope we have a chance to meet you in class in July!

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