Wednesday, March 6, 2013

USS Hawaii Change of Command Submarine Cake

On Friday, March 1st, we were honored to make a submarine cake for a Change of Command celebration for Cmdr. Stephen Mack, who was the commanding officer of the Virginia-class submarine USS Hawaii (SSN 776) from 2010 to 2013. Cmdr. Mack's wife ordered the cake from us as a surprise for her husband as he celebrated his last day as the commanding officer before passing on the ceremonial Hawaiian warrior spear

Rick has made other submarine cakes but it was the first time he had Diamond Head in the background. Our client requested to have Diamond Head on the cake, remembering a photo taken one day of the USS Hawaii passing by Diamond Head. We loved the idea and having the iconic crater and Hawaiian plumeria flowers really added to the composition. Rick sculpted the submarine, Diamond head and ocean out of our delicious chocolate cake. The celebration was held outside at the Hickam Officer's Club. After the party, our client sent us the photo of her husband enjoying his cake. We didn't have an opportunity to meet the Cmdr. in person so it was great to be able see him. She also gifted us with a special coin (shown below) when we delivered the cake. It was a treasured and unexpected gift! 

Congratulations to Cmdr. Mack on 3 years of amazing service and dedication!


moana said...

Beautiful cake!!!!!

cakelava said...

Mahalo Kathy! We can't wait to show you your cake! ... SOON!

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