Monday, June 10, 2013

A Stroll Down Memory Lane - 2011, Part 3

It's been a couple weeks since our last "Stroll Down Memory Lane" post. We've been busy working on new cakes and getting ready for our book release on July 9th, which has created much excitement around here! We started writing EXTREME CAKEOVERS  in 2011 and have now come full circle. We can't wait to finally share the fruits of our labor - and believe me, it was definitely labor! If you missed the previous cake retrospective posts, you can read them here:

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We ended Part 2 of the 2011 retrospective of selected cakes in late June, when summer weddings in Hawaii were in full swing and we felt the added pressure of having a book to produce. Our studio was a crazy place! A portion of each day was spent working on cakelava cakes for customers and the other part was spent working on our book, and the two couldn't be more different. We had our custom made-from-scratch cakes where each cake was uniquely designed with a specific client in mind, and simultaneously designing cakes using all store-bought products. If we weren't making a cake, we were on a delivery, or going to a store to get products for the book.

I've chosen some cakes to share from the months of July through October, starting with a very tall, dramatic hibiscus cake, shown above. It was one of four cakes, including a fun and swirly circles design (below) Rick made for July 3rd events.

A 50th Class Reunion sculpted castle cake, a gift from our client to Castle High School. The knight on the horse was labor intensive to make and stood 15" tall so as not to be dwarfed by the giant castle!

I adored this seahorses and turtles cake!

The two cakes above were made in August for a woman and man celebrating birthdays at The Modern Honolulu. It was Rick's first archaeology themed cake and was modelled after a site the archaelogist had worked on. I love the lime green and white elegant ocean themed cake that accompanied it!

A couple days after the party at The Modern Honolulu, we attended a party for The Knot, which Rick designed an exquisite delicate wedding cake for. The cake was incredibly detailed and covered in "lace" which was all done by hand.

The Italian themed wedding cake was one of our favorite cakes of the year, and made for clients of ours who we simply adore! it was made the same week we had The Knot party so it was a busy one for us! We couldn't even think about the book that week! Rick estimated he spent 20 hours make the cake, including the sculpting and decorations. The couple was so worth it!

In October, Rick made some very tall cakes, including a stunning 5-foot tall wedding cake! Making this cake put a lot of pressure on us because it was a famous Chef we admire and we wanted everything to be just perfect! We were also getting ready for a big photo shoot for our book towards the end of the year! We remember those 13 hours days very well.

The LONG board cake made for the owner of Kimo's Surf Hut. It was so long, it was difficult to photograph!

A pretty tiffany blue and white cake with jeweled bows.

I'll end the retrospective here, with an unusual phalaenopsis orchid wedidng cake. We hope you have enjoyed the stroll down memory lane!

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