Friday, August 29, 2008

Details, details. Celadon Greens, JK monograms and a Millenium Falcon Groom's cake

All images courtesy of Visionari

I absolutely love the images that Visionari sent us of our clients Karla and Jason’s wedding on July 26th. Although there were so many exquisite photos of the couple, for this wedding, I decided to focus on the details, and let the event come to life on its own.


Location: Grace Chapel of Honolulu
Photography: Visionari
Wedding Coordinator: Shawnee Hammer – L’Elegance Bridal Consultants
Floral Design: Flowergirls
Linens: Les Saisons
Catering: Indigo Catering
Cupcakes & Millenium Falcon cake: cakelava

See more photos of Jason's Millenium Falcon Groom's cake in a previous post on our blog.



Anonymous said...

I visited your business website by way of Cake Wrecks. YOUR CAKE DESIGNS ARE ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!!!!

I only wish you were closer to Atlanta so that I could commission you to design a cake for my son's birthday!


Mrs. Andi said...

Yes, decorative M&M's!!! That is way up on the top of my list.

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