Friday, August 15, 2008

Next Featured Wedding Sneak Peek - Robyn and Barry

All images courtesy of blufoto :: tiara & brad

Our next Featured Wedding on comes courtesy of the uber talented photography team of Brad Uyehara and Tiara at blufoto. We've been excited to feature Robyn and Barry's stylish wedding ever since they got married on May 4, 2008. Robyn and Barry, two L.A. television producers met while they were working on "The Amazing Race." Robyn is presently working on "The Biggest Loser," (admittedly, one of my guilty pleasures). For their wedding ceremony and reception they chose an incredible private estate perched at the very top of Lanikai overlooking the Mokulua islands. This residence took our breath away. Vows were exchanged in front of their guests next to an infinity pool which gracefully "fell" into the ocean below, and the reception took place inside the residence. Kailua-based Cater to Me provided the cuisine and linens, and Robyn informed me that she and her mother provided the lovely tropical floral decorations. For photography, Robyn and Barry selected blufoto, one of our favorite photographers, whose stylish images look like they belong in a magazine.

As a vendor, getting to a residence with these picture perfect views is not the simplest of tasks. Robyn and Barry's wedding cake was delivered immediately after our couple Kendra and Jonathan's wedding, (our current Featured Wedding). We were warned in advance that the driveway had a 45 degree incline and they weren't kidding. It was one of the more difficult deliveries we have made, and it involved me driving and Rick riding in the back making sure nothing happened to their cake. The whole way up all we could think about was Robyn and Barry, who we had grown fond of, and were determined to deliver their beautiful cake intact, and we did! We arrived just in time to see Robyn smiling down at us from the top of the staircase. Everything was now perfect!

For their wedding cake, Robyn and Barry fell in love with one of Rick's previous designs, an ivory fondant cake with a whimsical green vine design and handcrafted hibiscus. He customized their cake to suit their number of guests and made 3 taller tiers for a dramatic presentation. They served their guests our Banana Nutella and Kona Toffee Crunch flavors.

After their wedding, Robyn and Barry sent us a nice Thank You:

Thank you Thank you Thank you for all that you did and the magic that you pulled in getting the cake up to the top of Mount Everest! It was a feat I didn't think anyone could pull off! And the cake was amazing, people didn't believe it was a cake. Kudos to you both.

Robyn and Barry,

It was indeed a challenging delivery, but you were both worth it. We wish you both the best in your marriage and your careers. Thank You!

Sasha & Rick

Special thanks to Brad at blufoto for sending us such an incredible selection of images.

see Robyn and Barry's Featured Wedding on next week!


Anonymous said...

our month is almost over... it's been fun! Thanks for featuring us!! I love the bath tub shot!

cakelava said...

We love the bath tub shot too!.. Thanks so much for being Featured, Kendra & Jonathan! Your month on the main page is almost over but you'll be on the "previously featured" page for a month and then on our myspace page with the other archived Featured Weddings. You can visit it anytime you want :-)

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