Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"The Red Cake" Revisited

Our "Red Cake" shown above has been well-circulated. It's been on our website since 2006, when Rick designed the cake for our bride Juliet, and has appeared in a number of magazines. While the execution of the cake and design is ours, we had a great source of inspiration from Juliet, a graphic artist, who sent us the invitations she had made which looked a lot like the bottom tier of the cake. All components on the cake are handcrafted. This past July we made Juliet's cake for Theresa, but instead of red, we did the cake in sky blue fondant. You'd think that recreating a cake we designed would be easier than making a new design, but that isn't the case. It can be more challenging. I recall Rick painstakingly observing every last detail of where he placed a flower or wire on Juliet's cake just to be sure that it would look the same on Theresa's cake. Since it was made 2 years ago, all the details weren't completely fresh in his mind.

Apart from how the cakes look, there are other similarities. Both have white draping as a backdrop. Note the photographer on both cakes, Chrissy Lambert Photography. With the amount of interest we've had from people asking about "The Red Cake" over the past couple years, my guess is we may be making it again, perhaps in another color, in the future.

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SweetThingsTO said...

I love the design. And the red is such a gorgeously deep colour. Amazing! Love your blog! The interviews are great.

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