Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ballerina Kitties

What I would have given to have a cake as cute as this when I was growing up and dancing ballet. One Hello Kitty ballerina is super cute and to have them dancing all around the cake is over the top adorable! Rick worked his magic on this pink and purple birthday cake for Kaelyn, giving her dancing kitties, a big beautiful bow, flowers, swirlies, diamonds, all the things that little girls (and us big girls) love. Our client's requests were to "please use pink" and to make it fun and cute. Mission accomplished! We love this cake!


Kim ~ Kay Kay said...

We just love Hello Kitty in our home! Always have, our daughter is 12 and she said she would love to have one still! We also like the purple on with the butterflies he did in October of last year.
Fun, and what touch he has...amazing!

cakelava said...

We love Hello Kitty too! She has universal appeal and is cute as can be. Glad you liked this cake!

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