Thursday, September 16, 2010

Koala on an Igloo Wedding Cake

All images courtesy of Dave Miyamoto & Company: Dave Miyamoto, Claire Miyamoto, and Kris Labang

On Saturday, September 4th, we delivered our first sculpted koala sitting on an igloo cake for Adrienne and Nathan's wedding. The story behind the Koala and Igloo wedding cake is an interesting one. Adrienne is from Canada and Nathan is from Australia and they requested to have a cake that represented both places and honored the merging of the two in at their Hawaiian wedding. The cake design went through phases. Originally, Adrienne and Nathan approached us with the idea of having a cake split down the middle with one side being Australia and the other Canada. For Canada they wanted the emphasis to be on snow and winter and for Australia it would be more about summer, the beach and surfing. They thought maybe the bride could be a racoon on skis or another Canadian animal and the groom, a Kangaroo on a surfboard. Then it evolved to a traditional bride and groom on skis and surfboard. Adrienne and Nathan compiled a list of Canadian winter and Australia summer items for us to consider and then left the design up to Rick. They said they were completely open to the design as long as it was fun and memorable.

Prior to Rick designing their wedding cake, none of us were expecting a sculpted cake. We thought it was going to be a more traditional shape with fun elements of both Canada and Australia. I remember when Rick sat down to design their cake. He really had no idea exactly what he was going to do. He looked at their list of items and began thinking how best to integrate the two places in a way that wasn't overpowering to the size of the cake and give them the impact they were looking for. He spent a good amount of time thinking about their cake and when he showed me the sketch I saw the cutest koala bear sitting on an igloo, wearing a shirt with the Canadian maple leaf (which was later changed to an Aloha shirt). He had an Australian flag surfboard and a Canadian flag snowboard leaning up against the igloo and a campfire going. He put a beach around the igloo tying everything together. It was absolutely adorable! I thought it was brilliant and so cute and we both had our fingers crossed Adrienne and Nathan would feel the same way. It turns out the couple loved it and were so excited about surprising their guests with such an unusual cake!

The images below were expertly shot by Dave Miyamoto & Company photography. Thank you to Dave for sharing the images with us! Adrienne and Nathan looked extremely happy with their cake! We love that we had a chance to relive some of the moments of their wedding though the images. Fantastic!! Congratulations to Adrienne and Nathan!

The beautiful bride and her groom and their koala on an igloo wedding cake!

the cake-arazzi during the cake cutting

Is this is a happy couple or what!

Dave and Claire Miyamoto setting up the perfect shots of the cake!


collin said...

Wow!!! Nice pics....really looks like a happy couple.

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Anonymous said...

This is so so so cute, love it!

Anamika:The Sugarcrafter said...

A wonderful discovery of another creation..simply loved your works..nice visual effect... would love to pass by as often as i can to pick up inspirations.

Jeanne @ AJ's Moonlight Bakery said...

The unusual ones always have the best stories!

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