Wednesday, May 21, 2008

kids who take the cake, pt.2

Aloha! ...continuing from yesterday. Here are more kids who take the cake.

This cake was an underwater scene with the theme of scuba diving and beer -- clearly it wasn't for the little girl, but she looked as happy as if the cake were her own. Her smile got even bigger when they cut into their Rainbowlicious flavored cake.

This kid is one lucky birthday boy! His parents bought him 2 CARS themed sculpted birthday cakes, the Lightning McQueen and Towmater to help celebrate his Big Day.

Now this little guy knows how to eat our cake. Talk about devouring with abandon. Life doesn't get better than this!

This 9-year old girl was pleased with her custom decorated marine themed cupcakes. She had fun selecting which of the sea creatures to eat first.

She's as cute as her baby farm animals themed 1st birthday cake which matched her invitations and serving plates and napkins.

This adorable little girl came to our studio with her parents and we fed her some of our Guava Lava cupcakes. Her big eyes and cute smile warmed our hearts.

Hope you enjoyed these photos. You can see many more of them and their cakes on our website

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