Monday, May 5, 2008

molars and roots and probes, oh my!

Welcome to our new blogsite, musings from cakeland. In our blog you will find information about some of our latest work, news hot off the press and random thoughts. We'll write as regularly as possible, time permitting, so feel free to check in often.

This groom's cake was made for a rehearsal dinner on April 25th. Both the bride and her groom are in dentistry and she wanted to surprise her fiance, a periodontist, with a cake that was as special and distinct as he is. You'll notice that the molar isn't perfectly white and there is evidence of decay and infection. This was intentional. The bride even sent us photos that bordered on the disgusting, but we wanted the cake to at least look appetizing, sort of, so her guests would eat it. The metal device in front of the tooth is a peridontal probe. The flavor was the ever-popular Banana Nutella.

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