Thursday, May 8, 2008

Moments that are Precious

Over the weekend we logged some serious miles on deliveries. It was like a mini island road trip -- first to Kaneohe, then the North Shore, and back to Kailua, and Sunday it was a drive out to the Kahala area for a birthday, then back out to the Kahala area for an early evening wedding, then finishing the night in beautiful Lanikai, which is practically our back yard. In Lanikai we drove up a 45 degree incline to an amazingly gorgeous house on the hill, Hawaii's own little Mount Everest, but this one overlooked the ocean and the Mokulua Islands -- breathtaking! One of the perks of living in Hawaii is getting to go on beautiful drives to deliver cakes, case in point, on Saturday afternoon when we drove out to Kaneohe Bay to deliver this Precious Moments cake.

This cake warmed my heart when I saw it. It was for a little girl's first birthday and she had a Precious Moments themed party. Having seen our Hello Kitty cake with the sculpted kitty on top, she wanted to have something similar but with the Precious Moments girl, but she also wanted a beach theme since the party did take place in Hawaii afterall. Due to the nature of Precious Moments, Rick opted to keep the girl in a modest sun dress rather than a little beach bikini. We were glad to have given this cute little girl a home for someone so appreciative ... and also enjoyed the nice ride along the way.


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