Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A slice of Morocco right here in Kailua

Yesterday mid-day we decided to play hooky and go see "Iron Man" at the theater. We kept hearing how good this movie was and we both thought it was better than expected and quite engaging. On our drive back to the studio we wondered, "how would Iron Man look in cake?"

Today's blog takes us to Morocco, and the wonderful thing is we don't actually have to leave Kailua to go there. The Moroccan culture has always been a favorite of mine, and in any city whether living or visiting, it's not long before I seek out the local Morrocan restaurants. Living in Seattle, I frequented a Moroccan restaurant in Capitol Hill and used to cook at a bistro next to Dar Salaam, a Morrocan import store, who has since relocated to downtown Seattle. In L.A. Rick and I celebrated one of my 30-something birthdays at Dar Maghreb, complete with belly dancers and Moroccan themed birthday cake covered in beautiful tiles. When we moved to Hawaii, we found out about Casablanca in Kailua after one of our clients requested delivery there. We've also enjoyed dinners with friends there. Casablanca, as luck would have it is close to our studio. The past several Moroccan themed cakes we did were for parties at Casablanca. Each custom designed and different in their own way, we love how the cakes integrate a lot of color and the shapes and tiles that Moroccan art is known for. (Our Chai Latte flavor worked well for the couple in the bottom photo). Since work prevents us from actually going to Morocco, making these cakes is the next best thing!

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