Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fun with tokidoki

When our client Tina ordered a tokidoki theme for her daughter's 14th birthday cake it was our first introduction to tokidoki, which is a bit embarassing considering I wrote my thesis in college on Japanese Anime and have an appreciation for pop culture kitsch. Tina sent us many images to work off of and each one slightly more fun and bizarre than the next. Talking to her, I got an instant crash course on tokidoki. We should have known from the "Latte" and "Leche" milk carton tokidokis that they were of Italian origin but I assumed they were Japanese. For anyone (besides us) not previously familiar with tokidoki, they are the brainchild of Italian artist and designer Simone Legno. There is a huge tokidoki fan base, and an extensive tokidoki website and of course, a blog.

For our tokidoki cake, Tina turned over the design to Rick. Her only request was to have the base color of the cake be in black and white and to try and incorporate the girl image in some way. Rick made all the tokidoki figures by hand and tried to put as many on the cake as possible to mimic the tokidoki design style. Tina chose our Kona Toffee Crunch flavor for the cake. When we delivered the cake, Tina and her husband were thrilled and excited to celebrate with their daughter Laneah, her friends and her many tokidokis.

See the tokidoki cake and many others on


Anonymous said...

The Tokidoki cake has to be the cutest cake I've ever seen. My daughter is a huge fan of tokidoki. I was trying to find Tokidoki party stuff and came across the cake. I LOVE it, sure wish you lived in Nevada. hmmm, can you send from Hawaii LOL

Anonymous said...

i love Tokidoki, that's an awesome cake, probably my dream cake.
can you tell how much would cost that cake? just to get an idea of could be the price.
because i'm from portugal it would not be possible to send that cake. :P


shen's girly spazms said...

This is adorable! I love this so much! <3

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