Friday, August 8, 2008

8-8-8 Preparations and KITV video

When Rick made our wedding cake back in 2004, he woke up at 3am the morning of the wedding to finish it. Today, on 8-8-8, we arrived at work at 4:30am so Rick could finish Jennifer's cake (above photos), in time to deliver our bride Ati's wedding cake later this morning. Ati's cake will be followed by Michele, then Jennifer, then Cat, and finally, Sunny. This makes for a long day, but we love all our 8-8-8 brides and had a blast making their cakes!

Here is the link to the video on 8-8-8 on KITV's news last night. We were called only 2 hours before they came to film at the studio. The pink and green cake in the video was from Carly's wedding last night and the blue one is Michele's cake.



Anonymous said...

I am so excited I got to "see you in person" on tv!

Anonymous said...

I love the turtle cake - so cute!

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