Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Love and a View at Top of Waikiki

Nothing beats a great view of the city and if you can enjoy delicious cuisine while observing the skyline, even better. Some of our favorite restaurants with a city view include Sheraton Waikiki's Hanohano Room, Aaron's at the Ala Moana Hotel, and we can recently add to the list, Top of Waikiki, Hawaii's only revolving restaurant.

Last month, our clients Amanda and Chris held their wedding reception at the Top of Waikiki. Their beautiful 3-tier blue fondant wedding cake incorporated a delicate piped pattern found on Amanda's bridesmaid's dresses and had a soft and feminine shape. Amanda was kind enough to share with us some of her photos that her father took at the reception and I can't think of a better backdrop for their blue wedding cake than one of Waikiki's most famous hotels, the Royal Hawaiian Hotel (the pink hotel), as seen in the photo above. Simply gorgeous!

Delivering a cake to Top of Waikiki is a little interesting, and I'm not talking about the parking garage to elevator to escalator to Top of Waikiki commute with the cake. You can't help but notice that the floor is rotating below you ever so slowly, and here you have a wedding cake in your hands that you have to place on a table. Try not to notice that several seconds ago the background behind the cake was different, and Yowza! try not to notice those incredible views until you put the cake down.

All went well with Amanda and Chris' wedding, and they loved their Mixed Berries Chantilly and Totally Turtle flavored cake, as expressed in their thank you letter below:

Hi Sasha & Rick,

We wanted to thank you for your time & creativity when making our wedding cake. All of our guests were amazed by how well it matched our theme and how awesome it looked! They loved it even more once they tasted it! :) We loved everything about it and wanted to share with you some photos that my dad took. Thanks for being apart of our special day! :)

Amanda & Chris

Amanda and Chris,

You two make a lovely couple. We really enjoyed working with you two over the past nine months or so. Thank you for sharing with us your special day and all the photos.

Sasha and Rick

See Amanda and Chris' wedding cake and many other new cakes on cakelava.com.

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Anonymous said...

The detail on that cake is remarkable! Such a beautiful reproduction of the cloth.

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