Monday, August 10, 2009


We knew ahead of time 8-8-09 was going to be one of those cringe-inducing dates, not unlike 8-8-08 where we were booked solid for months prior, worked 11+ hour days the week of, and would spend the actual day going from event to event. However, the way these well-requested dates go -- yes, they are a LOT of work -- but we always have a bunch of cool cakes in the mix, and this past weekend was no different. One of the cakes we were most excited about was our sculpted CANDY LAND cake which was made for the niece of one of our previous bride's birthday party. For the Candy Land themed party we were hired to make a big sculpted Candy Land cake that resembled the board game as well as cupcake tiers with a cake to match. Rick pulled out all the stops on this one, making and painting every piece by hand. Considering how many other cakes with involved artistry he made for the weekend (one was the ocean themed wedding cake) , the level of detail was amazing! The cupcake tiers were also involved, and designed to compliment the Candy Land cake.

detail view of the CANDY LAND cake

Candy themed cupcake tiers

Side by side in perfect harmony at the Candy Land party!

Join us tomorrow to see more of our latest work.

Aloha, til next time!


CHS Creative Productions Blog said...

What a fabulously great cake! Very well done!

Carrie owner of Bella Cupcake Couture said...

This was my favorite game growing up as a child (probably still would be as well). So cute! Thanks for sharing!


Nancy Smith said...

Beyond amazing!

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