Friday, July 30, 2010

Hawaiian Family Vacation 2010

On the day after Food Network Challenge - "SpongeBob Birthday Cakes" aired for the first time in April, we were contacted by a woman whose daughter saw Rick on TV and wanted to order a special cake to celebrate their family vacation to Hawaii. She told us her daughter had been wanting a special cake for years and had been an avid watcher of the cake challenges. We loved the idea of making a cake to honor a family's Hawaiian vacation and thought their request of a sculpted Stitch from "Lilo and Stitch" was too perfect since the movie is set in Hawaii.

Earlier this week, Rick finished and we delivered their Stitch cake. Between the Avatar (Jake Sully) cake made just a few days before and the Stitch cake, Rick and our kitchen were covered in blue for days! The Stitch cake was all cake, no cereal treats were used, and since he has a big head, structure was very important. The cake was brought to Duke's, one of Waikiki's most famous eateries and the place was packed. The delivery was quite interesting. Almost immediately after stepping out of our vehicle with the cake in hand, we heard someone yell "Stitch!" and more echoes of the same name followed, and from the corner of our eye we saw people pointing and saying his name as well as the movie title. Rick had several people approach him asking him about the cake and he got many compliments. The opinion most important to us was our client and she and one of her daughter's were really impressed and excited for her other daughter to see it. That made us very happy! We hope our client and her family had a most memorable Hawaiian family vacation and have a safe trip home!

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Kim ~ Kay Kay said...

Awesome! My daughter would love it. She is twelve now but loved watching Lilo and Stitch!

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