Thursday, July 22, 2010

Laura and Justin's Hawaiian Sunset Wedding Cake

You probably wouldn't be surprised to find out one of the flavors for Laura and Justin's Hawaiian sunset wedding cake was Rainbowlicious, a cakelava signature flavor and one of our most colorful options on the menu. There wasn't an inch of this vibrant wedding cake that wasn't covered with color. Rick used the cake as his canvas for the painted sunset design and made tropical beach themed pieces -- Cute "wooden" surfboards and tiki torches sat on top, handcrafted vibrant hibiscus flowers were playfully placed around the cake, and turtles, which the couple requested, brought a touch of marine life and whimsy into the mix. The cake caused quite a reaction both by the bride and groom, who had flown in from Australia for their wedding, and by the staff of the Sheraton Waikiki Resort, where the reception took place. I think a new record was set for the question "Is that a cake?" Laura and Justin were lovely to work with, and we wish them both the best! Another memorable July wedding and as with several other cakes made this month, one of our "favorites."

See more of our Hawaiian and beach inspired cake designs, visit!


Kim ~ Kay Kay said...

This cake is so fun! The palm trees, flowers, turtles, and the star fish that lay so gently on the edges! Too sweet. Sure wish you could show us what that rainbow cake looks like before decorated. You described it so colorful!
Thanks for sharing.
Kim :)

laricciachepasticcia said...

wow! Your cakes are faboulous!!!!
What a beautiful think to live there and create cakes!!!
I hope, one day, I can do cakes like yours! I'm a self made cake designer!

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