Saturday, July 3, 2010

Hot Tub Wedding Cake, Pt. 2 - The Cake Cutting

All images courtesy of Dave Miyamoto & Company

We had so much fun with Miwa and Darnell's Hot Tub Wedding Cake a couple days ago on the blog, and it appears based on your facebook comments that you did too! I received a pretty little e-package of images from their photographer Dave Miyamoto and thought their cake cutting shots were the cutest. We had to share! Meet our beautiful bride Miwa and her handsome groom Darnell, who took an unconventional approach to their wedding cake, and apparently, her dress. Miwa bucked the trend of wearing a white dress and went instead for a bold red color. These two were a blast to work with and I love that they never forgot the MOST important part of a wedding, to have FUN!

First, the pose with the Hot Tub Wedding Cake. (shown above)

how the heck do you cut something like this?

Enjoying a bite of their Bananarama flavored Hot Tub Wedding Cake

it's okay to have fun during the cake cutting ceremony

sealed with a kiss!

smiling for the camera. Is that cake on their face?

A big Thank You to Miwa and Darnell for including us in their special day, and to Dave Miyamoto & Company for the fabulous images!

Hope you have a festive Fourth of July weekend!

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