Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Kelly and Dominick's Disney-fied Wedding

Yesterday we shared Kelly and Dominick's Fantasia themed wedding cake, and today we're showing a few details of this Disney-fied wedding. I feel it is necessary to state that the above castle is not a cake, and not something we made. All the "props" of the wedding were placed by the bride and groom. This Disney castle and character figurines greeted their guests as they entered the reception room. To to the right of the castle the couple laid out confetti Mickey heads and porcelain plates with the same silhouette.

Giant Pluto figurine wearing a Christmas wreath was the centerpiece for a guest table. The couple's colors were red and white. Notice the Mickey Mouse head confetti pieces scattered around the rose petals.

Loved this little (BIG) Minnie Mouse centerpiece. Isn't she just the cutest, and all ready for Christmas too!

I'm guessing Mickey Mouse must be their guy because Kelly and Dominick chose him for their sweetheart table, and also for their wedding cake topper. True lovers of Disney don't mind having their view slightly obstructed by a giant figurine, and he is pretty cute, I gotta admit.

Christmas ornament made by the couple for their guest favors. Inside the ornament is a photo of the couple taken with, what else, a Disney character. I believe it's Stitch.

View from one side of the glass ballroom looking out onto the grounds of the golf course. Goofy appears to be enjoying the view.

Kelly and Dominick, thank you for giving us the opportunity to have fun with your cake! We wish both of you all the best and hope you enjoy your honeymoon at the Happiest Place on Earth!

-- Sasha & Rick


Elizabeth Oliveira said...

"I feel it is necessary to state that the above castle is not a cake,"
I cracked up when I read that. So funny! So what are you trying to say? Rick could totally do that cake! I have all the faith in the world that he could! :)

cakelava said...

Hey Liz!

Rick could totally do that cake, but he'd handcraft all the characters -- can you imagine the time involved!.. Thanks always for your support. :-)

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