Wednesday, December 24, 2008

This One's For Patrick - Merry Christmas!

Today we're doing things a little different. We're showing a cake *before* the event occurs. Rather than just share with you one of our Christmas cakes, we've decided to share a heartwarming story about one of our clients ... and a Christmas cake. Earlier this month, I received an email from a man named Patrick who is presently deployed and would not be back in time to celebrate his anniversary with his girl Chevelle. Their anniversary is today, Christmas Eve, and Patrick wanted to make their special day which they would be spending apart even more special by surprising Chevelle with a custom sculpted Louis Vuitton Purse brought to her workplace today. Her workplace happens to be at a mall. Despite the thought of a cake delivery on Christmas Eve to a crowded mall, *on Christmas Eve* (yikes!) these are the kind of stories that touch us, that allow us an opportunity to bring two people together via a shared gift, in this case a special custom cake. Rick and I have a romantic side, of COURSE we'd do it. Isn't this what Christmas is about, bringing people together in celebration, and even more so, when they are on opposite sides of the world?

Due to military security reasons, I was not able to email a photo to Patrick of the cake he ordered, so I decided to post it here. Patrick, here it is, in all its glory, your Louis Vuitton purse with the writing requested "Happy one year baby. Not too much longer!"

We hope you and Chevelle love it! Thank you for giving us this opportunity to help bring your worlds together today. Happy Anniversary and Happy Holidays to you both! -- Sasha & Rick

and here's one of our Christmas cakes which I absolutely adore. Love the delicate snowflakes and the snowmen make me smile! We'd like to wish everyone the happiest of holidays and thank you for your continued support! Merry Christmas!

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Bediels & Co. (Jen) said...

what a beautiful story... and a beautiful cake!

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