Monday, May 25, 2009

Christina and Alex - Celebrating Their Love at Lanikuhonua

All images courtesy of Dave Miyamoto & Company

I thought it was weeks ago when we made Christina and Alex's polka dot wedding cake, until we looked at the calendar and realized they were married on May 16th, a little over 1 week ago! In those 9 days, we've made at least as many cakes, and we'll be sharing some of them with you here throughout this week.

Christina and Alex had spectacular weather for their wedding at Lanikuhonua, and we would have wanted nothing less than pure sunshine for this sweet couple. We were rushing around from event to event that day, but the second we set foot on the lovely grounds of Lanikuhonua, it was like a giant exhale, we could feel the Aloha all around us! What was truly special was having the opportunity to see Christina, our beautiful bride, and the reaction on her face when she saw her cheery polka dot wedding cake. She was glowing with happiness and excitement and reminded us again why we do what we do and how satisfying it is to see our happy clients on their special day.

We are especially thankful to one of our favorite photographers Dave Miyamoto of Dave Miyamoto & Company, who always supplies us with beautiful images after the wedding that capture the true spirit of our couples. Our hearts nearly melted when we saw the image of the little boy leaning into the camera -- oh my goodness!

Congratulations to Christina and Alex! We wish you both the best!

Join us tomorrow as we reveal some of our newest cakes, made over the Memorial Day weekend. Aloha, til next time!

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LadybugLuggage said...

Beautiful and serene.

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