Friday, May 15, 2009

Sou and Takako's Wedding

All images courtesy of VISIONARI

If you follow our blog, the names Sou and Takako may be familiar to you. We showcased their super cute, whimsical wedding cake on the blog last month, and after receiving images from their photographers at VISIONARI, we thought our lovely couple from Japan would be a delightful way to end the week. During the process of designing their cake we became very fond of this sweet and gracious couple. They were so excited about their mystery design that they would leave completely up to Rick. We didn't have the opportunity to meet Sou and Takako prior to the wedding, and felt lucky to be introduced to them via VISIONARI's gorgeous images. Sou and Takako did things a little different from many couples, which was just fine with us. Rather than matching the elegant style of their wedding to their cake, Rick designed their cake independently of anything they were using at the wedding. It was the colorful POP, and burst of whimsy in their otherwise formal and elegant wedding. We'd be hard pressed to choose a favorite photo -- they are all spectacular! -- but one of the most meaningful to us was seeing the look of happiness on Sou and Takako's faces as they cut into their wedding cake. It's that look of appreciation that makes all of our efforts worth it! Thank you, Sou and Takako for sharing your special day with us! Mahalo to Hiko, Jon and Mike at VISIONARI for the images!

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Nancy Smith said...

So elegant and the cake is outstanding.

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