Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Our B and B in Beautiful Orange

Ever since our "B&B" cake was first published in The Bride & Bloom Magazine, for their "Color Pairings" feature in the Fall 2008 issue, we've had brides commenting on Rick's design, wanting some version of it for their own wedding. Given the precise proportions used and yellow and mossy green tones we worked with for the shoot, the exact "B&B" cake designed for the magazine wouldn't be the right fit for every bride. Our clients Amy and Carlo saw our B&B cake and fell in love with it and wanted the same cake made for their North Shore wedding, but instead of the yellow and mossy greens we used, they requested shades of orange, which we thought would be just gorgeous, and it was! The couple wanted a cake that was as tasty as it was beautiful and ordered 3 flavors for their cake: our Lemon Pucker, Totally Turtle and Guava Lava.

the original B&B cake, as photographed by the fabulous Stefanie Riedel, of Absolutely Loved

the end product, "Color Pairings" Fall 2008. Two cake designers per issue. We were honored to be asked. The cake looked amazing with the components they paired with it!

See our B&B wedding cakes, and many other styles at

and til tomorrow, Aloha!


Nancy Smith said...

So beautiful and always amazing!!!!!

Shandi said...

Stunning!!! I think I like the orange better!

cakelava said...

Thank you both for your comments!

Emmanuel@Autumn Wedding Cakes said...

Stunningly beautiful! Those are works of art! I love the orange autumn cake. It looks yummy. :)

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