Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hello Kitty Goes Glam

MAC and I go WAY back, and I'm not talking about our MAC computers, though we have a history with them as well. I'm referring to M.A.C. cosmetics (Make-up Art Cosmetics). I recall my first MAC purchase back when I was living in San Francisco, in the early 90's. It was a lipstick and quickly followed with another lipstick and matching lipliner. At the time I wore a lot of black and so did the MAC girls -- it was a match made in heaven. At some point I walked into the MAC store and bought "Viva Glam" lipstick which was a rich, true red and whose spokesperson at the time was RuPaul. Then later it was the eyeshadows and of course the lipgloss, sorry Lipglass. I thought it was the coolest stuff to hit the market. Loved the colors, loved the packaging and really loved their "recycling" program. MAC has always been ahead of the game in the cosmetics world so it came as no surprise that they would pair up with the swanky fab "It" girl who melts the hearts of pre-teens and us thirty-somethings alike, Hello Kitty!

Today's post we're dedicating to our client Becky, who flew in from an outer island to celebrate her 22nd birthday on Saturday with our MAC Hello Kitty Rainbowlicious flavored birthday cake. Though we can take the credit for the design, the idea was all Becky's. She contacted us specifically asking for a "MAC Hello Kitty" cake in pink, black and white. As many of you know, we are fans of Hello Kitty and Rick always enjoys making Hello Kitty cakes, but this one took a little more research since Rick doesn't wear MAC and they recently released the Hello Kitty line. Becky left the design completely up to Rick, and was so excited about her birthday cake. We knew when designing the cake that we wanted to include the shiny black MAC Hello Kitty doll,
which is available for purchase at the MAC store. Rick handcrafted one for her and placed it on top of the cake surrounded by all her favorite cosmetics, also handcrafted.

The reason we're dedicating this post to Becky is we sadly, did not have a chance to meet her in person and would have loved to. We were coming from a wedding on the other side of the island and arrived just before her. We took the cake -- elevator to 18th floor, followed by balancing the cake while riding 2 escalators -- to the Top of Waikiki restaurant, where Ms. Kitty had the perfect black and glam environment overlooking all of Waikiki, and a slew of black clad servers watching over her. She also had her own paparazzi. Several restaurant diners took her photo while we were there.

Becky sent us the sweetest Thank you note on Sunday:

Rick & Sasha,

I just wanted to THANK YOU guys SO very much for giving me such an AMAZING cake!

I absolutely LOVED it and so did everyone else!!!

Thank you for all of the love and time you put into my personal Hello Kitty cake. Mmmmmm and the cake itself tasted like heaven! The only think I was disappointed about was not being able to meet you two and thank you in person : )

Again thank you so much! And you'll defiantly be hearing from me for all future events I have in Oahu : )


Thank you, Becky, for giving us the opportunity to mix two of our favorite things together. We're glad the cake and your birthday was a huge success and we look forward to working with you again soon!

- Sasha & Rick

see our other Hello Kitty and glam cakes at cakelava.com

Aloha, til next time!

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Nancy Smith said...

So cool! Thanks!

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