Monday, May 4, 2009

Paging ... Doctor McGillicuddy!

Excuse me, is there a doctor in the house? Kevin is in need of some medical inebriation to help him celebrate his birthday. When Kevin's girlfriend hired us to make his birthday cake, she knew there was only one prescription that would make Kevin feel better -- Mentholmint Schnapps, and there was only one doctor who would fit the bill, Doctor McGillicuddy. Having never seen a bottle of McGillicuddy's in person, our client's mother sent us the bottle from the east coast so we could have one to work from, and no, we didn't drink the contents, even if we may have wanted to. The label was extremely intricate and Rick did it freehand, no printed out bottle labels on this cake. When Kevin's girlfriend and her friend showed up to pick-up their cake, they were pretty stunned and didn't want to eat it. Wish we could have seen the expression on Kevin's face when he drank, er, ate it. We're guessing it was just what the doctor (McGillicuddy, that is) ordered!

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Aloha, til next time!


Shandi said...

Rick that label is stunning!! What awesome piping. Incredible.

LadybugLuggage said...

Pour me a few, outstanding work!!I am getting a hangover from the details alone!

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