Friday, June 5, 2009


We get a lot of interesting character cake requests. One of the stranger ones we've gotten was for a "Boohbah" cake for Maxwell's birthday. The "Boohbah" is quite strange looking I have to say. It's shape is reminiscent of Grimace or Jabba the Hutt and the word "cute" doesn't immediately come to mind when looking at a Boohbah, yet there is something sort of oddly mesmorizing about them. Maybe it's because their world is colorful and psychadelic and totally bizarre. They are furry, slothlike and lack a defined neck, but boy do these guys know how to party! We were excited about the theme and so were Maxwell's parents, and Rick went to town on this one. No comment about what in our past years may have prepared us to make a cake like this, though I'm suddenly taken back to living in Berkeley (Berzerk-ly), California in the 90's and I'm sure this cake transports Rick somewhere as well... Boohbah!

Aloha, til next time!

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