Monday, June 8, 2009

Her Hello Kitty and His Miami Dolphins

It takes a special bride to order a Hello Kitty Wedding Cake. Jessica was that bride. She was a fun, adventurous, anything-goes bride and we were absolutely tickled that she wanted a Hello Kitty Wedding Cake because we had never made one before. We've made plenty of Hello Kitty cakes over the years, a number of which have been showcased on our blog, but this time she was going matrimonial and the cake had to be even more spectacular! Jessica left all the details of her cake up to Rick. We met with her and Eric, discussed their colors and the theme and she was completely open to whatever Rick wanted to do. We knew she wanted something girly and playful and since Eric was getting his own groom's cake with whatever he wanted, Jessica could have her Hello Kitty Wedding Cake, and both would be happy.

Eric's Miami Dolphins football helmet was a perfect compliment to Jessica's Hello Kitty wedding cake. Rick spent a good amount of time on both of these cakes. The helmet is a difficult, labor intensive design to make and when you add a logo and a visor to it, it's even more involved. Rick wanted to give Eric and Jessica two cakes they would never forget. They went colorful and fruity for their wedding cake, with our signature Rainbowlicious flavor, and for Eric's groom's cake, they went more traditional but with a twist, and selected our Totally Turtle flavor. We hope Jessica and Eric had a fabulous wedding day! We had a blast making their cakes and wish them the best in their new life together!

Aloha, til tomorrow!


Elizabeth Oliveira said...

I want it!

Nancy Smith said...

So adorable--the Hello Kitty one and so cool--the helmet!

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