Wednesday, June 10, 2009

How Cute is This Jungle!

We've been watching "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here" -- I know, terrible isn't it, but it's a good diversion from the realities of Cakeland. The show takes place live in Costa Rica where celebrities have to live amongst the harsh conditions of the jungle which includes plenty of unappealing creatures like snakes, baby alligators, rats, spiders, giant lizards, and mosquitoes. Last weekend we had a different jungle on our mind as we were making Kazuya's birthday cake. This jungle was full of CUTE animals who were happy communing with nature (as opposed to munching on a piece of each other's bodies). Rick made each animal by hand and put as many on the cake as could fit comfortably. I completely fell in love with the cake when I saw it. How cute is this jungle! Our clients who ordered the cake for Kazuya selected our Rainbowlicious and Peanut Butter Fudgey flavors to serve their guests.

The party took place at Kochi Restaurant and Lounge, appropriate for our clients who are also foodies. They were extremely happy with the cake when we arrived and asked if they could take our picture. Below is the photo our client took of us with the cake. As you can see the cake was tall. We all thought it was funny that my face is partially covered by the topper. Rick, who is 6 feet had no such problems. Heh.

We received a very sweet Thank You from our client Masaki:

Rick and Sasha,

Thank you so much for today! Your cake was the highlight of the party for us and we are busy eating the top layer of the cake as we speak ... yum! (managed to save the entire top for us to take home to eat). ... Thanks so much once again! (I apologize for my photography skills, Sasha - I managed to block part of your head in the photo (sigh))

-- Masaki

Join us tomorrow for another new cake and more Musings from Cakeland. In the meantime,
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