Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mark Burnett's "Wedding Day" on TNT

Last week the premiere episode of Producer Mark Burnett's "Wedding Day" show aired on TNT. For those not familiar with the reality show, the concept behind the show that brings together Mark Burnett Productions and Dreamworks Television is to provide a deserving engaged couple the wedding of their dreams. Think wedding reality show meets Extreme Home Makeover. What constitutes deserving? In the first episode, we meet Holly and Steve:

Holli And Steve TV-G (description from Wedding Day)

Just four days before his wedding day in 2007, Steve received a call that his bride-to-be, Holli, had been injured in a near-fatal car crash and had only a 50% chance of surviving. After six days in a coma, she finally came to, but everyday since then has been a struggle to withstand the long, painful road to recovery. Holli & Steve's walk down the aisle includes a New York shopping spree, a Badgley-Mishka wedding dress and Manolo Blahnik shoes. The couple even gets to enjoy a special performance by Boyz II Men, who were so moved when they heard Holli and Steve's story.

We don't watch too many wedding shows (they are so many of them) because weddings are such a big part of our lives, that when we get home we want to relax with our favorite dramas, science shows or mindless entertainment (Wipeout, for example), not shows that remind of us work. "Wedding Day" was a different story. We've known about "Wedding Day" for quite some time, ever since we were recruited and provided the cake for one of the upcoming shows, and have been looking forward to the show ever since. Mums the word on any of the details so please don't ask, but based on what we saw during the filming, it promises to be AMAZING! We've had experience with television before and you just never know what will make the show, especially when there are days of filming involved and the wedding reception is only a few hours. In the premiere episode, we thought we may have seen the wedding cake, but weren't sure, though the candy bar got heavy focus. If you want to see the list of vendors for any of the shows once they air, there is a list posted on the TNT - Wedding Day website. Participating with the awesome vendors and Mark Burnett's crew was an experience we will never forget, and we'll feel good knowing that we contributed to our couple's special day!

If you missed Holli and Steve's episode, you can see the show on the TNT website or watch it re-run. A list of the dates is on the TNT website. Tonight's episode features Jaenelle and Nyk and we've got our DVD recorder ready to go. A sneak peek of the show is available on the TNT website.

Aloha, til next time!

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