Monday, June 15, 2009

Janelle and Alex - Raspberry, Chocolate and Giant Cupcakes!

For almost a year we've been looking forward to Janelle and Alex's wedding, which took place at Lanikuhonua over the weekend. We knew their wedding would be filled with luscious sweets, giant sculpted cupcakes and a most unusual wedding cake, which we will reveal tomorrow. What we didn't know was that this sweetly satisfying event would also be so beautifully sentimental. This wedding was a perfect example of a bride with a vision of exactly what she wanted and a coordinator who knew how to design her an event her guests would be talking about for years to come. Janelle contacted us last year looking for a wedding cake of a .... which immediately got our attention. She told us she loved cupcakes and wanted to make cupcakes and sweets an integral part of her wedding, but not conventional sized cupcakes. Instead, she wanted centerpieces of oversized sculpted cupcakes and other sweets (shown below) made in her wedding colors of different shades of pinks, raspberry and chocolate. Wedding coordinators Mona Hirata and Jen Ramsey of Weddings by Grace & Mona never fail to WOW us each and every time with something a little different for our couples and designed a chic and sweetly inspired wedding for Janelle and Alex. Their team of vendors included cakelava for 6 different cakes, Showtime DJ's, Ginniberries for catering, Les Saisons for custom linens, and Stephen Ludwig Photography to name a few.

One of the sweetest elements of this wedding was not all the candy or giant cupcakes or the amazing mystery wedding cake, but rather the memory tent that was set up in honor of the couple's deceased relatives who were not able to join them for their special day. We were glad that the coordinator Mona Hirata told us about the memory tent that was filled with photos and clothing of their relatives, or we may not have noticed it, as it was in a separate area from the main reception tent. It was a heartfelt addition to the reception that was very touching.

Congratulations to Janelle and Alex! We wish them many sweet, sweet years of wedded bliss!

Tomorrow we'll show what the fuss was all about -- Janelle and Alex's super cute, super sweet, wedding cake!

Til next time, Aloha, from Kailua!

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