Monday, August 3, 2009


August is one of those months, so as long as we have the time to blog about the cakes, you can expect to see a lot of them. Starting with last weekend, when Rick made this sculpted red hard hat with custom figure of E. Wilcox, for his 85th birthday celebration. We worked with his family to design a hard hat similar to one he used to wear when he worked at the Pearl Harbor Naval shipyard as a General Foreman pipe fitter in Shop 56, which, sadly was demolished many years ago and no longer exists. This was a special time of his life that his family wanted to honor in the form of cake and we thought it was a great idea. Rick positioned "Papa" leaning against his hard hat, which by the way, was our Coconut Pineapple Chunk flavor. We hope Mr. Wilcox loved his cake and had the happiest of birthdays!

Til next time, Aloha!


cakegrl said...

That is awesome! No surprise, but bravo...well done!

Formasecortantes said...

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