Friday, July 31, 2009

Cute Cuppycakes

We don't often make custom cupcakes but we had a couple recently that were pretty darn cute! The photo on top sent by our client put a big smile on our faces, seeing her adorable son Van trying to get his little mouth around his Paul Frank monkey cupcake. Van's 2nd birthday party took place at an art gallery surrounded by beautiful Japanese gardens.

Van wrote us the cutest thank you note, with some help by his mommy, we're guessing. Our hearts always melt when the kids call us "Uncle Rick and Aunty Sasha":

Hi Uncle Rick and Aunty Sasha,
My birthday cake and cupcakes were the BEST!!!!!!! It made my party!!!!!!!!!!
My mom was especially happy and thank you for opening a business back home in Hawaii and bringing your talented husband with you!
Here are a few pics!
Until my next party,
Van M

Another super cute cupcakes birthday party we did was for Isaiah, whose under-the-sea themed cupcakes so perfectly matched the venue, the Oceanarium restaurant, which has a ginormous aquarium in the middle of the room and the cupcakes were placed in front of it. Our client Chanelle and her family made us feel like rockstars when we walked in. We had a video camera on us as we placed the cupcakes down and then they took photos of Rick and I with the mother, grandmother and baby Isaiah. They were so gracious and just loved the cupcakes. What a sweet family!

We've got some cool cakes lined up this weekend, and all very different from each other. Check back next week to see some of them, and visit in the meantime.


Uncle Rick and Aunty Sasha

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JenniferB said...

Okay, seriously -- after looking at the ocean themed cupcakes -- you ARE rock stars! ;) Okay, your cakes are pretty sweet too. (Oh, how I wish I lived in Hawaii!)

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