Thursday, July 30, 2009

It's good, it's still kind of moist

Some of the best foods out there are aged. There is nothing like a dry-aged steak, or how about a fruity, aged balsamic vinegar, or an aged wine. Then there are foods that should never be aged, take for example, cake. Cake is best eaten fresh, within days of making it. We will never quite understand the tradition of freezing the top tier, only to take it out 1-year later and take a bite of it. Now if that doesn't sound delicious, I don't know what does! We have also heard of people, mostly the older generations who have kept their top tier of the wedding cake in the freezer for decades and each year pull it out and enjoy a bite of it. The thought of eating something decades old is quite revolting, even if it has been frozen, and thawed (and frozen and thawed...).

You can only imagine our horror, when we saw an article on about a 36-year old government issue pound cake that was served at the Army retirement ceremony of Col. Henry Moak, who had been saving it since receiving it while serving in Vietnam back in 1973. He had saved it and planned for many years to serve it at his retirement. Apparently Col. Moak loved the pound cake that came in a can and ate it every chance he could get. Col Moak does have standards and told people he wouldn't eat it if it was black and moldy. Lines must be drawn somewhere. 36-years old. OK. Black and Moldy. Not OK. You'll have to read the article on to get the full skinny but he was quoted as saying, upon opening the 36-year old cake, "It's good, it's still kind of moist."

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