Thursday, July 16, 2009

Eric's P-3 Orion Sculpted in Cake

above photos by cakelava

As promised, here is a peek at our next Featured Wedding on Today we're focusing on the super cool sculpted P-3 Orion Navy plane made for the groom, Eric, and tomorrow we will sneak a peek at the Featured Wedding, which will be posted soon after. When our bride Annie approached us to make a replica in cake of the P-3 Orion plane, which Eric regularly flies, we knew he would go ape-you-know-what for this awe inspiring groom's cake and we all got excited for the surprise. Annie told us that Eric takes good care of her and is always surprising her and she wanted the opportunity to do something nice for him. Something that would really knock his socks off and we knew this would do it. Annie provided us with everything we needed to make Eric's P-3, including two patches with emblems of Eric's past and present, which Rick painted onto the back wing of the plane. The pressure was on! Not only would Eric know what his plane looked like, so would his other Navy buddies attending the wedding. Add to this a desire to please a couple we had become very fond of over the months, and who deserved a groom's cake that would WOW every guest in the room. Mission accomplished!

Below are some images by the couple's photographers, Dave Miyamoto and Russ Ramos of Dave Miyamoto & Company taken at the wedding. The two of them did a terrific job capturing the wedding and we can't wait to share the Feature with you. Enjoy!

a screen was put up to hide the plane from the groom. Eric going ape-you-know-what over his P3.

detail of the P3-Orion showing the tiger emblem

cakelava delivery team at your service! Rick struck a pose for photographer Russ Ramos.

The venue for the wedding was in a most appropriate space perfectly suited to the couple. Come back tomorrow to meet our couple, Annie and Eric, and sneak a peek at our next Featured Wedding!

Aloha, til then!


Anonymous said...

this is so excellent. It looks like an aeroplane and the colour is impressive.


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cake2cake said...

That is SO cool!!! I can't wait to see the wedding cake!

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