Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Classes with Rick Reichart

Rick with hisbiscus cakes at Mother of Cakes. Photo by Mother of Cakes
 Want to take a class with Rick?

Rick proudly made his teaching debut in March 2011 at Icing Inspirations with his "Discover Your Inner Artist" (DYIA) class series where he taught two cakelava signature designs, a hibiscus and bamboo cake and a sculpted clownfish in coral scene cake. After the success of his first "Discover Your Inner Artist" class, Rick was invited to teach at other locations around the world and travelled with his wife Sasha for much of 2012. In June, Rick returned to Canada to teach "Discover Your Inner Artist 2", with many of the students returning from DYIA 1. Taking the series one step further in 2013, Rick is offering an art intensive class in Boston with a beautiful painted peacock cake for "Discover Your Inner Artist 3". We want to thank the hosts and all "Discover Your Inner Artist" students who have supported Rick's teaching efforts!

Update! In 2013, Rick will not be teaching past Summer 2013 because we have a book being released and we will have related commitments. 


2013 (2 day) class - "Discover Your Inner Artist 3": Peacock cake

2013 (2 day) class - "Discover Your Inner Artist": Hibiscus cake

Techniques to be taught: Handpainting, airbrushing, custom waterfall topper, handcrafted decorations, covering tall and shaped tiers, free form art techniques without the use of expensive cutters, molds or stencils.

Spaces are very limited and may be held with a deposit. For a description of each class, please visit The Cake World.

The Cake World, Boston, MASSACHUSETTS

"Discover Your Inner Artist 3" - Peacock Class (2 days)
Status: OPEN!
Register here

"Discover Your Inner Artist" - Hibiscus cake (2 days)
Status:  OPEN! 
Register here


"Discover Your Inner Artist 2" cake projects   
Image by Rachel Robertson Photography

"Discover Your Inner Artist" (3 day) cake projects
Image by Rachel Robertson Photography

"Discover Your Inner Artist 2" - Icing Inspirations, Canada

"Discover Your Inner Artist" - Exotic Fantastic Cake Decorating School, London

 "Discover Your Inner Artist" - Mother of Cakes Sugar and Cake Academy, Allentown, PA


"Discover Your Inner Artist" Classes - Icing Inspirations, Canada

photo courtesy of One2One Photography

STUDENT TESTIMONIALS "Discover Your Inner Artist" and "Discover Your Inner Artist 2" Classes 

Thanks once again to our awesome students for sharing your experiences with us and others wanting to take the course!

Hope to see you there!

If you are interested in hosting one of Rick's classes, please contact us directly.

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