Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A NYC Christmas Scene in Hawaii

All images courtesy of Absolutely Loved: Stefanie and Anna Riedel

It must have been 80 degrees outside when we delivered this snowy winter wonderland wedding cake. This beautiful metallic and white wedding cake drew its inspiration from a wedding proposal that took place at New York City's Rockefeller Center during Christmas time. It was an unusual request that came to us (as they often are -- thank goodness!) to create a Rockefeller at Christmas themed wedding cake, for a summer wedding, without actually putting Rockefeller center in the cake. Challenging. The couple wanted to keep the design more about the Christmas tree and the two iconic angels in front. Originally we were asked to create the angels out of spun sugar which with Hawaii's humidity and an outside wedding in nearly 80 degree heat, we thought it would be best to have Rick create the angels to work more with the environment and opted for a different material. At the couple's request, the cake was made using whites and metallics, which looked rich and elegant.

This cake was gorgeous in person and was exquisitely captured by photographer Stefanie Riedel, of Absolutely Loved. Stefanie, who is originally from Germany, told us that seeing the snow on the cake brought back memories of Europe. She loved the story behind the cake, as did we. That's what weddings are all about, bringing together those special memories of the couple in the most significant celebration of their lives!

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Woh! it is wonderful. this cake is made especially for Christmas. The presence of the girl beside the cake seems very beautiful. Happy Christmas Day!

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