Tuesday, July 7, 2009

In Memory of MJ

I tried to treat today like any other day, but like so many people have had MJ on my mind and it's been difficult to focus on cakes. The first thing we saw when we turned on CNN this morning was the motorcade heading towards the Staples Center. We were glued to the TV while eating breakfast and since we had to come into work we set up the DVR to tape the memorial today, which we'll watch tonight. Luckily CNN was running the live feed as well so in between talking to clients on the phone and answering emails I clicked my way over to CNN Facebook to catch a glimpse of the memorial. We're far from Michael Jackson's biggest fans but as far back as I can remember in my musical memories, he has been there. Going back to childhood, I remember rollerskating to "Rock with You" at the local rink. In elementary school in the early 80's, one of my teachers, Mrs. Goto took it upon herself to share her newest discovery, MTV with her class. She was a bit of an oddity, who was obsessed with Snoopy, but I can't blame her music tastes. She introduced our class to Madonna, Michael Jackson and Cindy Lauper, because kids just want to have fun after all, and let us watch MTV during our breaks. One of the videos that has always stayed with me from Mrs. Goto's class was "Thriller" which we watched over and over. Other MJ videos followed and thus, a life-long music obsession was born.

I recall the day I went to Tower Records (RIP) to purchase the 7" of "We are the World". I think I was around 12 years old and came home and played that record to exhaust. Then the video came out which MTV played to exhaust. Who could forget all the kids running around in their MJ wanna-bes jacket full of zippers and of course the moonwalk. Name a kid during that time who didn't try and do the moonwalk. I certainly did.

Because of my age, I worked my way backwards in the Michael Jackson timeline. First there was his early solo years (Off the Wall, one my all-time favorite songs! and Rock with You), then I discovered the Jackson Five which was fantastic, and remained some of my favorites throughout adulthood. "Thriller" was magical! I followed some of his later albums but became infatuated with music other than pop and branched out. Years passed, I met Rick, and in the beginning of our relationship I'd play my "Off the Wall" album. When we were married in California a few years later and had our meeting with our DJ, our "must have" list to play at the reception included, not surprisingly, "Off the Wall."

"So tonight, gotta leave that nine to five upon the shelf and just enjoy yourself..."

We've decided today we will not write about the cakes and take the time to reflect on the musical memories over the years. This is where our thoughts are today. We invite you to leave your thoughts and comments and share with us any musical memories you wish.

We'll be back tomorrow with more cakes!



Junko said...

Thank you for dedicating your yesterday's blog to MJ and sharing your momories with us. I'm a HUGE MJ fan and I'm devastated by his sudden death:( But As sad as I am now, when I listen to his songs, I can't help but to smile and feel so much joy through his music. He was such an inspiration to me.(I studied English hard so I could sing his songs lol) I'm actually planning to have a tribute to MJ at our wedding by playing many of his songs! BTW, Rock with you is one of my fav too! R.I.P Michael...

cakelava said...


Thank you for sharing your thoughts on MJ. We agree with you that Michael Jackson's music will continue to give joy to people. It's sweet you will be paying a tribute to him at your wedding through his music. We're looking forward to seeing you at your wedding! Smile!

Anonymous said...

I want to brought one delicious cake to celebrate a day for the memorial of MJ.

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