Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Alaskans go Hawaiian

All images courtesy of Jayson Tanega

We fell in love with these images when we saw them. Thank you to photographer Jayson Tanega for providing them! Occasionally we get requests for weddings with very small guest counts, and we don't think just because you have a small wedding that you should have an insignificant cake. Sondra, our bride and her fiance flew to Hawaii from Alaska for their wedding with just some family members and close friends, to help them celebrate their beach wedding. They asked Rick to design for their wedding a cake with a Hawaiian tiki on top with bamboo around it and handcrafted flowers similar to other cakes we've done and I thought he did a beautiful job. The couple was very pleased with the design as well. I adore the parasol Sondra was carrying during the wedding photos which was then placed behind the tiki cake -- very cute!

Aloha, til next time!

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YudyCakes said...

wow! I love it!! Great Job!

Candylei said...

Great talent!

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