Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Super WOW, Super WHY! Birthday Cake

Leave it to our clients to introduce us to the latest in educational animation. When we got the order in for the PBS KIDS Super WHY! cake, we took one look at the animation style and Super Cute characters and knew this was going to be a special and fun cake to make. It also helped that the parents were super sweet and super excited about the cake from the beginning, even if they didn't know what Rick was going to design for them. The design would be a surprise to Rick as well until he was actually making the cake, but we always knew it would be super! This was the first in a number of cakes we made over the 4th of July holiday weekend, and with these super cute characters with stars and playful stripes, it was a memorable way to kick off a festive weekend!

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Aloha til next time!


Anonymous said...

You guys rock!!

Anonymous said...

This cake seems very attractive. The presence of attractive cartoon on the cake is so lovely. I want to present this cakes to my friends on the occasion of birthday.

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