Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Andrew's Star Wars Death Star Cake

Rick made Andrew's Star Wars Death Star birthday cake the day before we went out of town. The same day we had the pirate themed sand bucket and another Louis Vuitton purse. Each time he finished a cake, I walked into the kitchen to see the final product and was amazed at his level of concentration considering the excitement of the trip ahead. Rick is a huge Star Wars fan and was determined to make the Death Star as detailed as possible. His idea was to have the Death Star in the process of annihilating a planet. Rick and I had never met Andrew prior to his birthday party but we knew based on our conversations with his mother that Andrew would be so excited when he saw his Death Star cake. His parents were kind enough to send us photos they took at the party. Andrew was thrilled and mesmorized with his cake when the family came to pick it up and I thought he was going to climb in the trunk with the cake to ride with it to the party. What an adorable child and such a fun cake to make!

A BIG shoutout to Great White Snark for showcasing our Death Star cake as today's Geeky Cake of the Week! The post is titled "The Best Star Wars Death Star Cake You'll Ever See Went to a Six-Year-Old." Upon arriving at the studio, I checked out the Great White Snark site, saw our cake as Geeky Cake of the Week then excitedly grabbed Rick, who was starting to work on cakes. We felt absolutely honored as we know he's seen a lot of Death Star cakes in his day.
We got so lost in the post and accompanying links including the hilarious "Awful Death Star cakes" that we almost forgot there were cakes to make.

The completely adorable Andrew, who just turned 7, and Rick with his cake.

The Death Star cake sat happily next to a Darth Vader pinata

Andrew and his classmates enjoying the cake

Visit for our ever-growing collection of Star Wars cakes, including the Millennium Falcon and R2-D2.

Til tomorrow, Aloha!


BellaLovesPink said...

i can not believe that is a cake! Outstanding job!

Sílvia Ferreira said...


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