Friday, September 19, 2008

Cakes That Go Vrroom!

Rick has been a fan of the Volkswagen Bus for many years. When we met, he owned one, and he's always loved the tricked-out VW buses. Since we started making the sculpted Disney's CARS cakes (see below), shortly after the movie was released, Rick has been wanting to make "Fillmore", the grooviest CARS cake of them all. Last weekend he got his chance, when we brought the birthday boy Ethan his very own sculpted "Fillmore" cake, that his mommy and daddy were terribly excited about ordering for him. It's always nice to walk into a room and see props that match the theme, and the decor did not disappoint -- table centerpieces were CARS, the balloons were CARS, there were checkerboard patterns in the room, and lo and behold, our cake table was covered with some of Fillmore's stuffed vehicular buddies waiting to welcome him. We moved them away to give Fillmore his time in front of the camera and then one-by-one placed them back next to him so they could all co-exist peacefully in his groovy world.

Two of our other CARS cakes, Lightning McQueen and the Ghetto-ist of them all, Towmater.

See these and many other cakes that go "Vrroom!" on


Erin said...

Seriously, you make these? I accidentally stumbled on this while looking for cake pics to give my very talented cake girl. But I am speechless. These are AWESOME!

Unknown said...

Rick and Sasha thank you so mch for this beautiful cake. It was a big hit at our son's party. Can't wait to do more business with you.

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