Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Those Tiffany Blues

Tiffany Blue and white is one of those classic color combinations brides request from time to time, but there is such color variation from one shade of Tiffany Blue to another that unless you match it to other items in the room, such as linens or invitations, you may get differing shades. Try and google Tiffany Blue and see how many shades of Tiffany Blue exist. You'll see a lighter shade of Tiffany Blue sometimes used on stationery and one that is more saturated, closer to the real shade of Tiffany Blue often used in linens, and just about everything in between. The actual Tiffany Blue shade is trademarked which can make it tremendously difficult to recreate the exact shade. Everytime we do a Tiffany Blue cake, no matter how many times in the past Rick has made a cake in that color, it always requires us to pull out a reference and work off it.

Above are two Tiffany Blue and white cakes we made during the month of August.

So what color is Tiffany Blue? Curious to find this answer, I looked it up on the internet and was led to the Wise Geek website and discovered the following:

Tiffany Blue is a specific shade of light blue, very similar to robin’s egg blue. Tiffany Blue is a trademarked color of Tiffany & Co., which bears the same number (1837) on the Pantone Matching System (PMS) as the year Tiffany & Co. was founded. Tiffany Blue is so easily associated with Tiffany & Co. that their trademarked “little blue box” is instantly recognized and widely considered the premium presentation for fine jewelry.

Due largely to its association with Tiffany & Co., which exudes the material symbolism of romance, Tiffany Blue has been a very notable hue at celebrity weddings. Because Tiffany Blue is trademarked, however, it cannot be used to package or advertise anything that might be associated with or in direct competition with Tiffany & Co. or its subsidiaries or be used to cause confusion amongst consumers. Though the particular shade of light blue, whether called Tiffany Blue, robin’s egg blue, or another name, is significantly associated with Tiffany & Co., it is a popular color for home décor, fashion, and accessories. In the case of weddings, it is most desirable to have accents and favors that resemble the true Tiffany Blue hue as closely as possible. The combination of Tiffany Blue with pearls, white satin, and sterling silver is a very popular wedding trend.

In terms of home décor, Tiffany Blue is available as a paint color. In fact, it is very commonly used to produce a cool, crisp, and elegant look when combined with white. When combined with brown or natural wood tones, Tiffany Blue can create a modern version of some retro styles. Currently, Tiffany Blue with polka dots in different shades of brown is frequently found on area rugs, throw pillows, and other decorative household items. Though Tiffany Blue is a common shade, and many feel that it’s nature’s color and not Tiffany’s, few would deny the significance of a genuine Tiffany Blue box.

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