Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Next Featured Wedding Sneak Peek - Christie and Patton

All images courtesy of Visionari

Christie and Patton were married on August 15, 2008 and have the right recipe for our next Featured Wedding on cakelava.com. Take two of the sweetest people around (who happen to be extremely easy on the eyes). Add The Bayer Estate, a beautiful tropical ceremony and reception location. Mix-in the following A-list vendors – Visionari for photography, Designs by Hemingway for floral design, linens, lighting and crystal accents, Angel De Armas for cinematography, Ginniberries for catering, Jacque Rojas for Hair and Makeup, Accel Rentals, Showtime Djs, and yours truly on cake. Add a heaping tablespoon of black and white throughout, and a fabulous chic wedding cake gone animalistic and it’s a recipe for an incredible wedding!

This wasn’t the first time we are featuring Christie and Patton on our blog. We wrote about the couple in a post called “From Destination i do to … I Do”. They were the photogenic cover and featured couple of Destination i Do magazine. Christie is no stranger to the wedding industry, as she works for one of the best cinematographers in Hawaii, the fantastic Angel De Armas. Patton is in the Army’s Special Forces division and the couple chose to have a military wedding, which we thought was a really nice touch.

Christie and Patton’s cake, like our current Featured Wedding couple, Robyn and Barry, had an involved delivery. Since you don’t know exactly what the cake looks like yet, it may not be evident why it would require extra special attention. It was one of those deliveries where one of us was in the back with the cake (in this case, me) making sure nothing happened to it while the other one drove. There were many adornments on the cake that required TLC, and we weren’t about to let anything happen to Christie and Patton’s special cake. Although their color palette was black, white and accents of green, Christie and Patton went va-va-voom for the inside of their cake, choosing our signature Rainbowlicious flavor and the Hawaii Five-0.

Christie sent us an amazing testimonial that is on cakelava.com, and also wanted us to express the following on her behalf:

I'd love people to know that I've witnessed the hard work of all of the talented people in the industry in Hawaii and it was a pleasure to have them the day of my wedding. It was kind of a different I think compared to most brides....I didn't worry at all about anyone (vendors) being late or not doing the work I expected - I completely trusted them 100% - and gave almost everyone free reign in design - especially you guys and Debbie Hemingway :) I have seen what everyone is capable of and wanted each vendor to be able to shine in whatever way they were capable.....and it all meshed very well :) I just feel so blessed to have had my handpick in vendors - I never had a dream wedding growing up but once I started working with Angel (De Armas) I had my dream vendors....and I got them all on August 15th!

Christie N -- August 2008

Christie and Patton, we feel honored to have worked with you and had so much fun making your cake. You are two of the most warm spirited, upbeat people around. We wish you many years of happiness!

-- Sasha & Rick

See more of Visionari's incredible images of Christie and Patton's wedding on cakelava.com this week!

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