Monday, October 27, 2008

The Cake Cutting Papparazzi

Photo courtesy of Visionari

Nestled amongst the images provided to us by Visionari of Reiko and Jason's wedding, was this one, which Rick and I absolutely fell in love with. It's fantastic! We're purposely keeping the rest of this cake a surprise because Reiko and Jason are one of our nominees for our December Featured Wedding on If you haven't cast your vote, you have until Friday to choose which of our 5 nominated couples you would like us to feature in December. Please vote by adding the number and name of the couple you would like to be Featured in the Comments section. If you are reading this via a subscriber such as Google reader, you'll need to visit the blog directly to vote. The nominees are:

#1: Renata and Rocky
#2: Jennifer and Andy
#3: Karla and Jason
#4: Leslie and Sam
#5: Reiko and Jason

To cast your vote, and "meet" our couples, visit this link:


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