Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sculpted Hawaiian Turtle Wedding Cake

Last week our client Kylie flew in from her hometown of Australia to celebrate her wedding to her fiance Paul, who she was going to surprise with a sculpted honu wedding cake. This is our 3rd sculpted honu cake and 2nd made as a wedding cake. If you want an interesting reaction, try delivering a sculpted realistic turtle cake through a busy Waikiki hotel, and you'll have one person after another asking if it is real. "Uh, yes, we're carrying a REAL turtle through a hotel". I didn't say that out loud of course, and answered "it's a cake", which got an even stranger reaction -- it's a CAKE? When we arrived at the restaurant where Kylie and Paul's reception was being held, it got further stares from the restaurants patrons. They were probably wondering what we were doing bringing a turtle to a restaurant. We placed the Hawaii Five-0 flavored turtle wedding cake on the table where the couple's guests could appreciate him (assuming it is a him). He is pretty cute and I'm glad we weren't around when he was cut and served. It would have been heartbreaking. We wish Kylie and Paul the best in their new life together and hope they had a safe flight back to Australia!

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