Monday, October 20, 2008

Next Featured Wedding Sneak Peek - Carly and Matthew

All photos courtesy of Dave Miyamoto & Company

Before we introduce our next Featured Wedding, we'd like to thank all of you who have partcipated and voted thus far for our December Featured Wedding couple. Presently, wedding couple #4, Leslie and Sam are leading in the votes, but anything can happen because you have until the end of October to cast your vote. For those of you reading our blog via a subscription reader, you won't be able to make comments via the reader, and will need to visit our blog post directly to vote. We want all votes to be posted publicly to be fair and any emails to me directly won't be counted. To cast your vote, visit here:

For our next Featured Wedding on, we selected Carly and Matthew, one of our couples who have previously been featured on our blog. With their fun-loving smiles, warm spirits, and pink and green color palette, Carly and Matthew are a perfect couple to feature! Their photographer Dave Miyamoto & Company, sent us an incredible selection of images of their wedding, which we will proudly be posting on our website in the next couple days.

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