Monday, October 13, 2008

Karla and Jason, May the Force be with You!

Image courtesy of Visionari

Over the weekend we got a very special thank you card in the mail from our client's Karla and Jason. We featured Karla and Jason's wedding details on our blog back in August. Rick and I were both truly touched by Karla and Jason's kindness, and their taking the time to write a handwritten note of appreciation.

Dear Rick and Sasha,

There are no words... so we have to hope that "Thank You" will be enough. Thank you for working with us for over a year to make our wedding day cake wishes come true. Jason has wanted a groom's cake since before we even got engaged, and his Millennium Falcon cake was more than we ever could have imagined -- and made him the envy of every male (and some female) guests at our wedding. We also truly loved our custom cupcake tier and the way you incorporated our monogram into the design. We hope that this is only the beginning of many special celebrations with cakelava cakes. Thank you!

Jason and Karla

Jason and Karla, we're glad you involved us in your wedding day. The two of you were so sweet and fun to work with and we wish you both many years of happiness together!

-- Sasha & Rick

** New wedding and celebration cakes have just been posted on See the fruits of our labor over the past month! Visit our OHANA page to see more photos of clients with their cakes and the INFO page if you are looking for more testimonials like the above. Enjoy! **

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