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cakelava Interviews: The Great White Snark, Pt. 2

All images courtesy of Great White Snark

Chicks, Snarky remarks, and blogs. Pt. 2 of our interview. Click here for Part 1.

Sasha Reichart: Let’s discuss this whole Kristen Bell obsession. When did it start and have you ever met her?

Great White Snark: Eh, “obsession” is a bit strong. For a while there, I was playing up my interest as a fixation for the sake of entertainment on the blog. But don’t try that at home: only the most skilled of greasy-fingered bloggers can take a mild stalker vibe and turn it into “entertainment.”

Thanks to my nasty case of A.D.D., though, my attention tends to wander. I’ve since been distracted by other shiny things and have turned my attention elsewhere. I’m a big fan of Natalie Portman these days.

Sasha Reichart: You regularly attend conventions. What has been the strangest encounter you’ve had at a convention?

Great White Snark: On the convention floor at Comic-Con this year, a huge, muscled-out dude in a skin-tight leopard-print shirt (not a costume, mind you) and “Friend of Corey Feldman” printed on his convention badge asked me for directions to “Thundercats. You know… Lion-O? Thundercats.” Sort of surreal. In a trip-to-a-reality-show-on-VH1 sort of way.

That’s been the most unusual actual encounter. The trick at these conventions is actually avoiding having encounters with some of the stranger characters.

SR: No kidding! I wish you had a photo of that "Friend of Corey Feldman". How many comics do you currently own and when did you start collecting them?

GWS: Hm, I do have a couple of longboxes (that’s a bit of industry terminology there, for ya…) of comics that I collected when I was a teen, but I haven’t been actively collecting for a while. Until Marvel comes out with a comic book that you can eat and convert into a one-bedroom apartment, my money will be going elsewhere.

SR: Like Rick and I, you are a huge fan of LOST. How do you feel about JJ Abrams latest project, “Fringe”?

GWS: I believe my exact words on Twitter were: “Dear Fringe: Screaming, tense music, and lots of frowning do not fool me into thinking your show is interesting. P.S. I hate you.”

So, yes, I guess you could say that I love it. Except that I don’t.

SR: We don't exactly love it either, but our DVR is still giving it a chance. You seem to enjoy making Top Five and Top Ten lists. Here are a couple for you to answer:

What are the Top Five Fantasy Geek Costumes you Would Want Your Lover (or Kristen Bell) to Wear?

GWS: I’m not really into bringing cosplay home with me, but no self-respecting, red-blooded American man is going to turn down a lady in a Slave Leia costume.

SR: Top Five Guilty Pleasure Shows you wouldn’t want to admit publicly to watching?

GWS: I have no shame. So, subsequently, there are not shows I feel guilty about watching. I probably should feel guilty about watching 90210, though. That show is crap. Fluffy, escapist, popcorn-flavored crap.

SR: Would that be old-school or the New 90210? In the same vein, we actually found ourselves watching re-runs of The O.C., partly to hear all the great indie music, but that doesn't necessarily make it right.

SR: What are some of the blogs you frequent?

GWS: I have a metric ton-load of RSS feeds in my reader, but when I’m pressed for time, these are the sites I visit for my very basic essentials:

/Film for my film geek fix.

Newsarama for happenings in the comic book world.

Topless Robot for general geek news and hilarity.

Super Punch for geek curiosities.

And when I feel like a good laugh at the expense of others: Jen at Cake Wrecks.

(Jen was my first interview victim, er, Interviewee. Click here to see my 2-part interview with Jen of Cake Wrecks).

SR: All excellent choices! What’s next for Great White Snark?

GWS: I won't stop until I've appeared before the eyeballs of every Canadian of legal voting age.

It might be an arbitrary goal... but it's my goal. So I'm sticking with it.

SR: Brilliant answer, and somehow we think that won't be a problem.

END, Pt. 2

** Join us back here on October 22nd when we explore what it means to be a Diva, a Cake Diva, that is. Rick and I are very excited about our next interviewee, who is also one of his previous employers, the fabulous Joan Spitler of Cake Divas! Joan and her partner Leigh Grode own Cake Divas in L.A. which has always gotten a lot of attention due to their high-profile celebrity clientele (a list WAY too long to mention) but now they are even more in the spotlight with their new show on the We Channel, called "Amazing Wedding Cakes". Get to know Joan as we have and YES, she is pretty much exactly like you see her on TV -- totally fabulous! Check out Cake Divas website and tune in to the show, and we'll see you back here in a few weeks! **

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